Ain't it Cool News - TEENAGERS FROM MARS is by far the best comic currently being published. This is the comic that makes my eyes pop open, that makes me jump in surprise and give a small shout when it arrives in my box at the comic shop. This is the comic I can't wait to read...(more)
Comics Worth Reading - One group of kids are digging up a coffin. When they find a sword, they wind up reenacting fight scenes from Star Wars. Another guy's ripping off the copy shop with the aid of an underutilized employee. They get away with it because the boss is convinced the kid's on drugs; aren't all teens?..(more)
Paperback Reader - I had the pleasure of reading this book after a bad day of work. One in which, much like the main character Macon Blair, made me want to punch out my manager. Unlike him, I refrained. But I’m getting ahead of myself...(more)
The Fourth Rail - In the real world, especially today, the forces of small-mindedness and censorship often win. In the real world, outfits like the CBLDF fight the good fight...(more)


Ain't it Cool News - As anyone who’s seen my comments on Western Tales of Terror can tell you, I just looooove Zombie Indians. There is nothing cooler than a dead Indian walking around killing people. The concept just plain rocks the Wild West. And really, so does Dead West, the latest book from Rick Spears and Rob G....(more)
NeedCoffee.com - The press release quoted Rick Spears as saying, "We took a classic western tale, ripped its guts out and stuffed it full of something dead and horrible." I thought, hmmm. Bold words. But can Spears and Rob G, the creators of Teenagers From Mars, truly bring that noise?I stand here with a shit-eating grin on my face and assure you: the answer is not just yes. But hell yes...(more)
Broken Frontier - Sergio Leone meets George Romero when a nameless stranger battles zombies in a town more dead and damned than they are.It’s the time of westward expansion. A small Indian village is decimated, and in it’s place springs a town called Lazarus. Years pass, and the sole survivor of the massacre comes back to where his village once was seeking revenge. The rite he performs places a curse on Lazarus, and soon the dead rise from their graves...(more)
BUZZSCOPE - It's a wonder no one thought of it sooner. Two of the most beloved genres in Italian cinema, the Spaghetti Western popularized by directors like Sergio Leone and Sergio Corbucci in the 1960s, and the splatter-filled zombie epics made by Lucio Fulci in the 1970s and 1980s, are such cult favorites...(more)